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Each ski was manipulated by a different manual structure tool (SV1, SV2, SV3 and Swix T0401-1mm). 86% - 20 of 24 podium positions (first, second, third place) athletes raced with Swix Star CT1 poles. ) Paraffin Wax SECTION 1 - PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Swix Cera Nova Swix Special Waxes Ironing Repair Base Scratches and Edges New board and skis Race preparation Cera F Application Roto Brushing Cleaning the Base with Wax The use of Glide Wax Cleaner STEP B Y STEP SWIX SPORT AS, Serviceboks, N-2626 Lillehammer. - Clean the base and wax with Swix wax.

Storage wax Finally iron in CH8 for wet snow skis and CH7 for cold snow skis. Toko has been setting the Ski Wax and To ol world on fire for the past 15 years. We delivered the paper ourselves on Fridays,” says. Description of work operations Application of glider waxes. It is also often known as “hot material”, because snow, in comparison to other materials, is very close to its melting point (even when at minus 20°C). “Wednesday was deadline day, then as now, after which we spent 18 hours at the printer in Plymouth on Thursdays, swix wax manual pdf pasting up gal-leys. Followed by pioneering research work in the mid 40’s, the Astra Pharmaceutical Company introduced revolutionary ski waxes based upon synthetic materials. Wax & Tuning Manual (pdf, 13 MB) Racing Hot Wax Chart ( pdf, 1 MB ) Application tips Edge Tuner World Cup ( pdf, 1 MB ).

Frontpage | Swix Sport. · In 1949 SWIX expanded by developing a line of glide wax for alpine skiing, and eventually in 1987 introduced a revolu­tion­ary wax for all disciplines called Cera F that certainly is the most. Swix Snow Classification System Swix has introduced a simple classification system for snow identification. For more information on waxing skis, including choosing the correct wax, see our Glide Waxing Your Skis or Snowboard article. Each ski was analysed at three defined spots; 0. _____ a KARLÖF, L. com Photos: Swix Sport AS, Vegard Breie, Esben Haakenstad. :• Fax:www.

From world cup race ski preparation to a simple application of glide wax to ski out your back door Swix School has you covered. Overview Madshus Classic IntelliGrip Zero skis – now available in four ski models – are a breakthrough in cross country skiing, enabling skiers. SWIX SPORT NORDIC TECH MANUAL 1 Swix takes pride in its 60 year history as one of the strongest and most recognized brand names in skiing. Do not press too hard. Simplified graphic chart for Swix wax selection:.

You save 15% SWIX SPORTS. Some examples of this include the following: Toko was the first company to develop and offer a fluorocarbon in block form (Streamline). They offer a wide variety of high quality, high performance race wax for all types of conditions. Swix CH4X Glide Wax - 180g. Liquid silicone, liquid fluoro ( SWIX FC 8A, SWIX N 2 (new ) or F4 80) or flouro powders ( SWIX FC 8X or FC 10): to enhance glide and eliminate icing in the roughed-up kick zone. · Swix f4 180 glidewax and offers on swix f4 180 glidewax and offers on pr0824 alpine racing manual ski wax temperature chart the future swix universal temperature wax rei co op Best Swix Wax Chart Ever Race Your OwnWax Charts Briko Maplus Toko Purl Slidewright Ski Snowboard Tools WaresSwix Was Helpneed A Pic Of The.

- INSPIRED BY DREAMS. This website uses cookies – please refer to our Data Protection Declaration for more information and for your rights as a user. • Apply the wax of the day in a series of thin layers.

The Tribo-physics of skiing. · Swix Race Service Report US Cross-Country Skiing Championships Kevin Sweeney, Swix Sport USA Racing Service Director, January. SWIX is for everyone who loves training outdoors, in all conditions. The number of layers required depends on the type of wax, the nature of the snow & the distance you plan to ski. Setting up Edge Angles 4 SWIX SPORT TECH MANUAL Setting up Edge Angles SNOWBOARDS A good vise is an enormous help when working on snowboards.

It covers structuring, brushing, ironing, skate and kick wax application, and base cleaning: Swix Sport Nordic Tech Manual (PDF, 9. Read More ». Click "I accept all cookies" to accept all cookies (including third-party cookies) and start using our website straight away, or swix wax manual pdf click "Cookie settings" to manage your cookies. Remove all wax out of the groove with the Groove Scraper (T88). Many times numbers and photos do the best job of summarizing an event. com Cover photo: ATOMIC. • For example, for the basic Swix range of waxes I use one layer for every 3 – 5 km and for the more expensive Swix VR waxes & Toko.

Swix Cera Nova Swix Special Waxes Ironing Repair Base Scratches and Edges New board and skis Race preparation Roto Brushing Cera F Application Cleaning the Base with Wax The use of Glide Wax Cleaner SWIX SPORT AS P. Note: No brushing in the kick zone. crystals or wax to dig into the wax and pull or tear the the wax mol-ecules out of the base. This wax is to be used as a base preparation wax. actual conditions.

Toko has quietly pioneered virtually all of the wax technology breakthroughs that have occurred in recent history. The symbols are created to help skiers find the best wax for actual conditions. In total, 15 pairs of skis were prepared for each of the products at all four investigated application temperatures. created to help skiers find the best wax for!

4 m in front of the balance point (BP), at the BP and. · the copy, on a manual type-writer,” says Bennett in an e-mail swix wax manual pdf interview. Wintersports Catalog :: Alpine and Nordic Ski Racing Apparel.

MSDS: Paraffin Wax Revised: 15 January Page 1 of 7 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET (M. Oslo, Swix Sport AS. Readers were mostly ski shop owners and backshop technicians who would tune and wax a large number of skis and snowboards during a season. Brushing Use a Bronze Brush (T162) tip to tail 10-20 times. Swix Alpine Ski Snowboard Wax. Swix is one of the most used wax lines in World Cup competition. :www.

· Download Swix&39;s 37 page racing tech manual for theseason. Falling and new fallen snow characterized by relatively sharp crystals, demanding relatively hard ski wax. () Why is ice and snow slippery? In very cold temperatures it is common to use Swix CH4. Title: Salomon Alpine Tech Manual /19, Author: Salomon, Name: Salomon Alpine Tech Manual /19, Length: 148 pages, Page: 1, Published:. world class ski tuning the manual Posted By Edgar Wallace Ltd TEXT ID 3336a28f Online PDF Ebook Epub Library the skier is ready and excessive base edge bevel creates instability as the edges are raised too far off the snow side edge bevels are commonly 1 3 with the high number. Thenew 3-colored system.

A standard specialized ski waxing table was used (Model T 0076 Waxing Table Racing, Swix Sport AS, Norway). In most cases, we want a “hard” wax for this. first wax manual, “Rocket Science, A Guide to Fast Skis”, published in August 1994. Since 1946, SWIX has been testing and developing products for Nordic conditions, and knows what it takes to be the best – and to look good doing it. O Box 814, N-2626 Lillehammer.

Base scraping Scrape off wax with a sharp Plexi Scraper (T823). The same proposition we may found in thousands glide wax manuals and popular science articles. Use the Swix Fine Grit Diamond Stone (TAA600), the Swix Ceramic Polishing Stone (T0998), or the Swix Hard Gummy Stone (T0994). Swix CH6X Glide Wax - 180g. 6 TOKO WAX MANUAL TOKO WAX MANUAL 7 SNOW BASICS A brief lesson on Snow from TOKO Snow is a true “gift from heaven” – it comes in an unending variety of types.

In this video, we give you a quick, step-by-step guide to waxing your skis at home including how to heat and spread the wax, scrape off the excess and finish up with your brushes. We also wrote articles stressing the importance of this issue in a number of industry publications, such as SKI TECH. We call this SWIXFACTOR. Swix has completely redesigned their ski wax line. This manual is not directed towards World Cup racers, but rather to frequent. Nordic Grip Wax red Snow -2 °C – -10 °C Snow 28 °F – 14 °F Nordic Klister red Snow -1 °C – -8 °C Snow 30 °F – 18 °F Nordic KlisterSpray Universal Snow 0 °C – -30 °C Snow 32 °F – -22 °F Nordic Grip Wax blue Snow -7 °C – -30 °C Snow 19 °F – -22 °F Nordic Klister blue Snow -7 °C – -30 °C Snow 19 °F – -22 °F. She used a manual typewriter until the 1980’s when the staff expanded, she adds. In warmer conditions, Swix has developed the next generation base preparation wax, Swix MB77.

fiction PDF Swix CH10X Glide Wax - 60g. Three different powder glide wax products (A, B, C) were applied. You save 14% SWIX SPORTS. & SLOTFELDT -ELLINGSEN, D. All levels of instructional videos and manuals to learn how to care for your skis. • Waxing at 165˚C with t opping powder (T oko Streamline Nordic 0/-15˚C 100 % Flour) applied wi swix wax manual pdf th a Swix waxing i ron. • Incubat or / hot box wit h Swix HF8 glid e wax (four hours at 57˚C). Sources for available wizards, wax selection charts, and race-specific recommendations.

Having the board constantly rotating and crashing around during.

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