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C o m A f t e r H o u r s T e c h n i c a l S u p p o r t T e l :. Cyclo frame size 606 to 612 are called “MF: Maintenance Free. Cyclo Drive 6000; Cyclo 6000 Centrifuge Drive; Astero; Right Angle. The new UA series offers further improved performance data in regards to torque density, positioning accuracy and movement accuracy.

Sumitomo’s Cyclo 6000 is extremely torque dense and is an inline gearmotor Cyclo® 6000 General Information Highly Reliable, Torque Dense Cycloidal Gearmotors For additional CYCLO® 6000 information, please visit www. Gaskets Electric Motor General Construction of Motor Motor Inspection and Start-up Motor Bearings and Oil Seals Gearmotor Disassembly. per day Class II Class III — AGMA Tables Class I For steady loads.

Refer to the maintenance manual for mounting bolt specifications. The location in Markt Indersdorf near Munich is European headquarters with a state-of-the-art facility where precision drives, standard drives, and custom drive solutions are developed, manufactured. Supply oil according to the maintenance manual before operation. com Use our online product configurator to build a Cyclo® to fit your application. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team for additional information about our products. Sumitomo Drive Technologies is dedicated to providing the highest quality power transmission products, gearboxes, gearmotors and services to our customers. Title: 6000 SERIES Author: ASweeney. Cyclo 6000 controller pdf manual download.

per day Class I Class II Class III 24 Hr. CYCLO® 6000 Gearmotors Cyclo® HBB Notes Notes 5. Product Showcase Brochure. With a 24-month warranty, regardless of hours of operation, the Cyclo ® BBB5 is an excellent choice for applications in material handling, packaging, conveyors, and. See inside back cover for further details.

A unique circular-arc tooth profile is also used for the internal gear. salvar Salvar Manual Redutor Sumitomo Cyclo Drive S6000 para ler mais tarde 1 1 voto positivo, Marque este documento como útil 0 0 voto negativo, Marcar este documento como inútil Incorporar Compartilhar. video de mantenimiento cyclo 6000 tramec s. ManualsLib has more than 77 Sumitomo manuals Checkout popular Sumitomo. 43 MB | Pages: 64. CycloSmart™ - Predictive Maintenance for Cyclo Gearmotor Technology Share Article Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), part of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, releases a new product, CycloSmart™, to the power transmission industry. Cyclo Drive Components; Contact.

4 Motor HP Output Speed RPM (60 Hz) Output Speed RPM (60 Hz,000 280,000 67,000. Sumitomo trade names: Cyclo, Paramax, Hyponic, BuddyBox, Beier, Hansen, Hedcon, Seisa, Altax, Compower, Fortress. 4 Motor HP Output Speed RPM (60 Hz) Output Speed RPM (60 Hz. CYCLO® 6000 Speed Reducers Cyclo®6000 Series Product Range (Standard Motor and Reducer Combinations) Ratio. Cyclo® 6000 Speed Reducers, Gearmotors and Brakemotors Operation and Maintenance Manual Manual 04. 14 A-16 B-11 B-15 B-16 B-17 B-20 B-22 B-24. The smooth rolling contact that prevents tooth breakage results in a durable gearbox with a long service life.

Since 1966, Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America has served the United States by providing sales and support to industries such as food and beverage, parcel handling, automotive, and mining. Spur gear pre-stage and three to four (UA115) eccentrics providing highest transmission accuracy, minimum speed ripples and minimum vibration. Our national network of local sumitomo cyclo 6000 maintenance manual representatives and distributors offers you comprehensive, fast and efficient service. Find your product below to download a complete parts list that includes model variations. Proven Cyclo Technology Torque dense and compact across high ratios 500% momentary shock-load capacity DVX and European Drop-In. Sumitomo recommends overhaul and grease change at 20,000 hours or 4-5 years. View and Download Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 operation and maintenance manual online.

Contact your closest facility for details. sales, engineering, and service organization. Note:It is highly recommended that reducer oil be changed after 500 hours of primary operation.

s e r v i c e @ s h i - g. Unlike a regular involute tooth-gear, the "cycloidal disc," which is the gear for the Cyclo Drive 6000 reducer, features a distinctively smooth curve. 991035 Peligro por electricidad Una aplicación incorrecta de la máquina puede causar daños corporales, lesiones serias y/o situaciones con peligro de muerte. For other Cyclo® configurations parts lists, see the Cyclo® 6000 Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Cyclo® 6000 The Cyclo® 6000 is also available as an inline Gearmotor To request a catalog, or for more information on any of our high quality products, please visit our website: www. Utilizes our unique Cyclo mechanism for durability and long product life. 26 Cyclo® 6000 Series Cyclo® HBB Operation & Maintenance Manual Technical Information. View online or download Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 Operation And Maintenance Manual. CYCLO® 6000 Gearmotors AGMA Load Classifications: Gearmotors Gearmotor Classification SERVICE CLASS DURATION OF SERVICE UNIFORM LOAD MODERATE SHOCK LOAD HEAVY SHOCK LOAD Intermittent 3 Hr.

Download Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 Operation And Maintenance Manual. CYCLO 6000 Speed Reducers Product Range Standard Motor and Reducer Combinations) Single Reduction Ratios 3-119 Combinations with 1750 RPM input speed Output Speed input speed Double Reduction RatiosCombinations with 1750 RPM input speed Sumitomo Drive Technologies Cyclo 6000 Series. DRIVE 6000 Manual de Operaciones Página 2 Edición: Sep D6000__E_09_06 Nr. Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, a world leader in power transmission, has produced well over 6 million SM-CYCLO® Drive Speed Reducers and SM-CYCLO® Gearmotors. Sizes 6130//5 only Oil Fill Levels Horizontal Horizontal Flange Mount Vertical Vertical.

Sumitomo sumitomo Drive Technologies. This maintenance manual should be maintained by the user. Sumitomo Drive Technologies sells replacement parts kits for many products. A copy of this maintenance manual should be sent to the actual user of BEIER VARIATOR & BEIER-CYCLO VARIATOR. HBB Helical Buddybox; Helical Shaft Mount; Heavy Industrial. What is the largest reduction ratio actually available with a Cyclo®?

Paramax 9000; Paramax SEC Extruder Drive; Paramax SFC; Spare Parts. per day Class I Class I Class II Up to 10 Hr. Print Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 Operation And Maintenance Manual Sumitomo Cyclo 6000: Operation And Maintenance Manual | Brand: Sumitomo | Category: Controller | Size: 7. > BME-1 SI unit BEIER VARIATOR® & BEIER-CYCLO VARIATOR 6000Series The Available Solution.

Assembly Troubleshooting and Repair. Sumitomo Gearbox, Gearmotors and Reducers Sumitomo Drive Technologies (Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America) is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. © Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. The unmatched product breadth, application experience and global presence, clearly establishes Sumitomo as the premiere power transmission and control. For additional operation and maintenance instructions, please refer to the Cyclo® 6000 Series O&M Manual. Theoretically any combination is available by sumitomo cyclo 6000 maintenance manual multiplying single reduction ratios: 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 21, 25, 29, 35, 43, 51, 59, 71, 87, and 119:1.

Troubleshooting and Repair SM-CYCLO GEARMOTORS Mounting General Construction Lubrication Bearings, Oil Seals. Speed Reducers, Gearmotors and Brakemotors. Neo Hyponic; BBB Bevel Buddybox; Offset Parallel.

Two Series: Cyclo Drive 6000 Standard-Backlash Series SERVO 6000 Low-Backlash Series: 6 arcmin (12 arcmin for reduction ratio 6:1). Unlike a regular involute tooth-gear, the "cycloidal disc," which is the gear for the Cyclo® Reducer, features a sumitomo cyclo 6000 maintenance manual distinctively smooth curve. Our Cyclo Overhead Conveyor Drive is an excellent choice for the food industry and is also ideal for the automotive industry and warehousing systems.

View and Download Sumitomo Cyclo 6000 operation and maintenance manual online. Peligro inminente Una aplicación incorrecta de la máquina puede causar daños corporales y/o lesiones. and its group companies. The Cyclo ® BBB5 combines the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo ® gear reducer and a single-stage right-angle spiral-bevel gearbox in a simple right-angle gearbox design. com • Connection free design • Rugged forged output shaft • Direct acting brake option • Unmatched durability. Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany offers more than 85 years of drive technology expertise – starting with the invention of the Cyclo principle. Our Cyclo Drive 6000 reducer with a flange, for servo motors. ” Grease replenishment is not required for normal operating conditions, and grease fittings are not utilized.

Open the catalog to page 6. CYCLO® 6000 Gearmotors Cyclo® 6000 Series Product Range (Standard Motor and Reducer Combinations) Ratio. Storage Page A-5 A-II A.

Sumitomo cyclo 6000 maintenance manual

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